Nice to Meet Ewe!

Popia is a women-run micro-business. Our cozy hats are knit in Vermont where we know a thing or two about keeping warm, and how wearing a colorful hat on a frigid grey day lifts our spirits!

We purchase our Organic Wool yarns from New England dyers and spinners who adhere to strict environmental guidelines. We’re always striving to reduce our carbon footprint and generate as little waste as possible. Our knitting machines are powered by muscles and we even compost our yarn scraps! Your orders will arrive in recycled packaging.

Why We Love Organic Wool

SOFT – Organic wool yarns are naturally soft and Itch-Free (really!). Thankfully, our yarns haven’t been stripped of their natural softness by the harsh chemicals, bleach and heavy metals used in conventional dying processes. 

BIODEGRADABLE – There are no polyester or acrylic fibers that create microfiber pollution in our organic wool hats. You could (but we hope you’ll wear them for a long time instead) dispose of our hats in your compost pile. Even our cotton label is biodegradable. If well cared for, our hats will last a very long time.

ANIMAL HUSBANDRY – The wool in our hats comes from happy sheep that are raised on certified organic farms. They aren’t subjected to painful muesling or chemical sheep dips and are fed an organic diet. The farms are traceable through Global Organic Trade Standard certification.

FAIR LABOR – Fair labor practices are upheld through the entire supply chain, from the farm to the spinning mill and dye house in accordance to GOTS certification.