A collection of premium merino headwear knit in Italy. Distinctly colorful patterns and surprise details are signature traits of Founder and Designer Poppy Gall.

We choose to have our hats knit by a small family run business that takes pride in their attention to detail and Old-World craftsmanship.

Popia hats are meticulously crafted in small batches using super soft merino wool blended yarns that have been dyed and spun to exacting European environmental standards.

Wool is our fiber of choice because of its tactile hand and lustrous color. Tiny fine gauge knit stitches make our hats soft and supple. Merino wool is blended with a touch of acrylic for itch-free comfort. If well cared for your Popia hat will last forever.

We take pride in our relationship with our Italian supplier, a friendship that started 30 years ago. The father, (left), passed the reigns to his son who continues to innovate and grow the business while maintaining the quality workmanship his company is know for. His daughter and daughter-in-law each continue to play important roles in the company.

About Poppy

Popia knitwear Founder Poppy Gall is a born entrepreneur and no stranger to women-run business. She founded a women-run knitting company when she was 20 that employed 40 women knitters. In 1998 she co-founded Isis For Women, the first women-specific outdoor clothing brand in the U.S. Isis for Women raised the bar for women’s expectations of outdoor gear, changed the way big brands thought about women’s product design and inspired the founding of other women-specific brands in the Outdoor market.

A prolific designer, Poppy currently designs outdoor and ski apparel and knitwear for nationally recognized brands at Poppy Gall Design. Her latest venture is Popia, a luxury knitwear company founded in 2019. Popia is sold through specialty retailers and on-line.

“As a designer and entrepreneur I have always been happiest when designing and selling clothing and accessories that bring pleasure to others. Knitting, a love that was ignited when I was a small girl, has always been my medium of choice.

I find myself coming full circle designing knit hats for Popia with a renewed energy and a fresh perspective. Color and pattern fuel my spirit and infuse my work. It is my sincerest wish that Popia hats bring joy to the wearer.”